Monday, December 28, 2009

The Beginning

So we're creeping into a new year, a new decade, even. And I feel the need to work aloud all that goes with blending two families. My new husband and I were married this summer in a beautiful ceremony in our new home. It's been...interesting... trying to navigate all the shared responsibilites that come with marraige alone, but when you throw kids into the mix, it really complicates things. My husband and I each divorced while our children were very young, so we pretty much parented alone prior to our relationship, so parenting with a partner is a new experience for both of us.

So lots of questions here, lots of answers, and lots of fun and real experiences of our family trying to knit itself together.

Like when our 4-yr-old was cranky after our brief marraige ceremony, and we were trying for One. Good. Family. Picture.

Our friend and photographer Sam was very patient and caught on when I was whispering potty words into Gabriel's ear just to get a smile out of him. Our final shot is all of the kids yelling "Pooooooop!" for the camera.

So there you go.

And can I ask, When do parents have sex?????