Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We're back!

I am going to skip all the lamenting about how long it's been since I've posted last, how much this upsets me, and how most of our little stories have simply landed on Facebook. That will change right now.

The kids are midway through their school year despite ten eleven snow days. Maddie has started middle school, and it's going well. Gabriel has had a bit of a tricky time in third grade, socially. Some tweaking of his behavior has been needed, but I think we are over the hump now. Julian is in his last year of elementary school, which my brain can hardly grasp. He's preparing for a week-long field trip a few hours away (ok, I'm preparing. He will be fine).  He's really growing up. They all are.

Part of me wants to go back in time and freeze them at the preschool age. Such a cute age, always curious, always asking questions (so many questions!), and satisfied with some basic explanations, most of the time made up on the spot.  I remember being impressed with my own improv skills.

It's so much fun to watch them grow, however.  Gabriel's questions and the things he worries about. Julian and his imagination- he was pondering aloud the other day, and the concept he was talking about pretty much blew my mind.  I almost don't want to even mention it, because one day I believe it will make an excellent book premise. They're each discovering their own talents and interests, and it's always an adventure.

We spent Thanksgiving in Florida, and it was magical.  So many family members, the beach, and weird crow thieves that steal Splenda packets off of outdoor cafe tables.

Julian has been accepted to the Montessori Magnet program at Westport Middle.  They have individual work plans for each student.  Julian will thrive in the robotics program they offer.  Maddie is enjoying art classes there.

Gabriel is making up his own jokes- What do you find at the back end of a duck? A butt-quack!

Legos, books, and Minecraft dominate most conversations around here. So.Much.Minecraft!

Julian's ice cream flavor (that Gabriel helped create) is back at The Comfy Cow.  It's such a successful flavor that they've added it permanently into the rotation.

I cannot believe the fourth day of March was another snow day.  It's been quite an adventurous winter, weather-wise.  We have relished the snow, cozy fireplace time, and hot chocolate.  But it's March, and we are ready for spring! Bring on the warm temperatures, sunshine, green grass, blooming trees, fragrant flowers, fresh dirt, buzzing bees, fireflies, grilled dinners, sunscreen, sidewalk chalk, swimming pools, shorts and sandals, neighborhood walks, playtime at the park, longer evenings and sleeping in.  We are ready!