Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Week in Review, Summer Flashback

So this is an example of how I tend to not finish things. This post was mostly finished, but adding pictures is such a tedious pain, so I put it off. Sigh...this was a week from the end of our summer. We had a lot of fun and took lots of pictures. The main purpose of this blog is to document our joys and frustrations as a blended family.  I need to write more.  I have a few more "flashback" posts lined up. Until then, know that school is in full swing, and it's hard to believe it's almost October (!).

Sunday- A glorious, non-eventful day at the lake. We packed up the cooler and the kids and drove across the state line to a lake. It has a sandy "beach" area, and although we had to clear a path to the water that was free of goose poop, we all had a relaxing day of water, sandwiches, and sun. I actually sat in a chair and did nothing. For more than five minutes straight. I definitely need to do that more often. The kids made their own fun, and almost no one got sunburned (*cough* Batman *cough*).
Monday- Gabriel asked if we could go to the zoo. We used to have a zoo pass every year. It was wonderful! Our zoo has a small (and super fun) splash park. Perfect for hot summers! And with an annual pass, you don't have to make a day of it. You can pop down for a bit, stay or not stay, because there was always next time. Sometimes we would go once a week. Sometime the summer before last, the boys decided the splash park wasn't quite their thing any more. I was baffled.  With the exception of the one chin injury (Panic! At the Splash Park), I thought it was tons of fun, and that we would get at least a few more years out of it. 

This was probably the one day we would be going to the zoo this summer. So we made the most of it.  We stayed in the shade, caught the mist sprayers when we could, and experienced quite a bit while we were there. Gabriel couldn't wait to see the tigers, everyone wanted to see the polar bears, and feeding the lorikeets was definitely a must. When we were all hot and somehow couldn't find a water fountain, Dippin' Dots saved the day. 

Tuesday- the first day of Julian's middle school orientation.  Tours for the parents and team-building activities for the students. It was a good way to be introduced to all the newness that is middle school. The teachers seem really into looking after the students, and want to make sure everyone is adjusted. 
Maddie came over before dinner. And then... and then...
We saw it. 
The horrible, awful, every swear word I've ever known...nits. In her hair. Lice. Again
I can't even describe the rage that consumed me.  Poor Maddie, it wasn't her fault. When she came home from camp with lice, we treated her head immediately- before she spent any actual time in the house, and her mom had to handle all of her camp clothes, bedding, etc. Our best guess is it wasn't all obliterated from all her stuff. Then she stopped using the tea tree shampoo, and so here we were, again. 
So the next day and a half were completely spoken for.  Batman actually stayed home from work on Wednesday, so we could divide and conquer all the laundry. Was this covered in our marriage vows?

Wednesday- the laundry. That is all. Oh wait- Julian had another half day of orientation.  I watched as he walked all by himself to the bus stop (He's eleven. I know. I'm a mom. This is what we do). We did make a spontaneous trip to the park. It was beautiful outside. Not too hot, and not at all crowded. Took some great pictures of the kiddos. 

Thursday- Julian's 11th birthday! This is the first time he's ever had school on his birthday. Today was an almost-all-day orientation.  Fun activities, then a dance party in the gym. He came home happy and worn-out. We had a relaxing afternoon, watched a movie, and enjoyed pizza as a treat for dinner.  

Friday- a work day for me.  Batman worked from home and hung out with the boys.  They ran some errands, watched some TV, and went out for lunch. I got home and enjoyed some mellow family time before hopping in the car with my boys and driving them to meet their dad. 

Saturday- sleeping in, and a brunch date for Batman and me.  Relaxing, lovely...very nice.