Friday, May 16, 2014

Busy Spring!

Spring is here! It's been a busy few weeks months.  Lots of school papers. Some mild illness. Homework. Bickering. Talking back. Food preparation. Cleaning. Work. Errands. Schedule juggling... is this really 40? There are days I think homeschooling the children would be more effective, then there are others where I believe it would be pointless. The bickering is driving me crazy. Gabriel was in a tree at the playground the other day, and Julian grabbed his shoe- right off of his foot. There was name calling and who knows what else. When Julian was told to give it back (after much shrieking from his brother), he hurled it only vaguely in Gabriel's general direction. This, of course, resulted in more shrieking from Gabriel. I suppose if this had been a TV episode, it might have been funny.  This kind of thing has been far too common lately, so it really wasn't funny, just exhausting.

Gabriel found a raccoon skull while at his father's, and was thoughtful enough to leave it on my pillow.  Have I mentioned how much I love having boys? And I don't mean that sarcastically. A raccoon skull on my pillow is parenting gold.  Gabriel got the idea from his brother, who a few months ago first put a raccoon skull on my pillow.  He snuck it there just before bed, then asked me in the morning why he didn't hear me scream when I saw it.  I told him it startled me, but I think he was expecting a TV reaction, not a real-life one.

Julian is eating and eating and eating.  Growth spurt! Fortunately, most of what he snacks on is fresh fruit and second helpings of (mostly) nutritious meals. I think I will measure all three kiddos tomorrow and see how much they've all grown (update- Julian has grown over 2" since January!).

Gabriel participated in a track meet the other night. He did well and had so much fun! It's an annual event, so I'm sure we will be going next year as well.

Julian is part of a Lego robotics team for his school.  They competed at the state level and came in second for their category. I know he will enjoy the robotics program next year in middle school (sniff!).

Maddie is enjoying her art class.  They work with a variety of media and techniques.  Her school posts her class work on a website so family can see what she's creating.  That would have been so neat when I was in school.

The school year is winding down. I can't believe how fast the time has zipped by.  The boys are signed up for a week of Camp Hi Ho, which is really exciting. Maddie has nine days of summer break before heading off to her month-long sleep-away camp. She had a blast last year, even though we missed her bunches. I'm really looking foreword to a fun, relaxing summer. And more help from the kids. Oh yes.

I took a week off from work to get some projects done around the house.  I have certainly accomplished a lot.  I treated myself to a coffee date to catch up with a friend yesterday. It was lovely.  Another friend reminded me that I should really take time for me today, and do something nice for myself.  I just took a walk with the dog- yes! We got a dog!  More on her later.  So I think I will get some lunch and go do something fun!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank Goodness for the Escape Hatch!

Out of the clear blue, Gabriel asked, "How are kittens born?"

I smiled and told him pretty much the way babies are born.

He frowned and worriedly asked, "So they have to have their tummies cut open?".

I sighed to myself before answering. Despite all of my preparation and determination to experience natural childbirth, my children were both delivered by completely unavoidable cesarean deliveries. I thought I had done an excellent job of explaining that while sometimes things don't go as planned and a mommy has to have an operation where the doctor can get the baby out, most mommies are able to push and push their babies out.  Their bodies are designed to do this.

I smiled at Gabriel. I reassured him that mommy cats can push their babies out just like human mommies.

"Out their bottom?"

I explained (again) that just like there is a way for pee to come out, grown up ladies have a way for babies to come out. You know, in the same general area.  I reminded him that's the usual way, but he and his brother took the "side door".

"Or sometimes, I tell people you took the emergency escape hatch."

"Oh good," Gabriel says, looking relieved. "Because that is not the first thing I wanted to see."