Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Week(-ish) in Review...

This week:

A tree branch stole my sunglasses right off of my head.
My car tire rolled through some fresh tar. Now it's covered in gravel and debris and goes thump thump thump as I drive down the road.
A cucumber fell out of my grocery bag and onto the lawn.
Gabriel made me laugh.
Batman was a butt.
Batman apologized with cheesecake.
Julian broke his wrist.
Julian got a really cool cast.
Gabriel wants a buzz cut. He may be getting one later today.
I had a mini meltdown trying to be everyone and everywhere all at the same time.
I bought extra tissues for Julian's last day of elementary school.
I packed all the lunches, made all the dinners, signed all the forms, and did all the dishes.
Except for last night, when Batman did them.
I had insomnia twice.
The other night, the sky had a strange yellow glow to it.
I found a Sharpie in the dryer.
And a Lego guy.
And a rock.
And a dollar.
And a plastic bag.
My oldest child finished elementary school.
I survived the above without Xanax.
I realized there's no fighting Gabriel's musical side and everything in the house will always be a drum.