Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Boys

Little Boys
And their smelly shoes
Rocks in their pockets
Sticky glue

Fingerprints on my glasses
Impish looks
Constant wrestling
Lost library books

Ninja masks
And Kung Fu kicks
Scattered colors of
Lego bricks

Boy parts, pee pee jokes
And new lingo-
Bakugan, Paper Jams
And Ninjago

Climbing Trees
All their jeans
Have holey knees

Pirate ships
And zooming cars
Flights to Mars

Splashing in puddles
Hills of ants
And far too many
Captain Underpants

Boogey noses
Sticky-up hair
Need constant reminders
To stop tipping their chair

Walking and talking
In their sleep
Spinning in circles
Till they collapse in a heap

Cuddly hugs
Yet they sniff my pits
Gales of giggles
Had in fits

So many kisses
And I Love Yous
Come with
Little boys
And their smelly shoes

The Froggy Hat

This is Gabriel.

This is Gabriel wearing his new froggy hat.

Gabriel looooooves his new froggy hat.  He wears it all the time.  He loves it so much, he even sleeps in it. 

Notice the little thread of yarn dangling from that little pom-pom?  A few minutes after this picture was taken, I was tucking my little ones into bed.  Gabriel noticed the little thread and pulled.  It became a longer thread.  Gabriel became very sad.  I told Gabriel to give me a minute and I would fix it.  I left and returned with the scissors, intending to knot and cut the thread so it wouldn't completely unravel. 
Gabriel saw me.  Gabriel saw the scissors.  Gabriel became completely panic-stricken.  And...are you ready?  I can't make this stuff up.

Gabriel yells:  "No, Mom, no!  Don't cut off my ball!!!!!"