Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Batman Says....

So it has been determined that my darling husband should have his very own section in this blog for the bizarre things he says.  You know, "Batman-ism", or "Stuff Batman Says", that kind of thing.  It will simply be called, "Batman Says."  Some things will be humorous- at least from outsiders' perspective.  Some of what I include in here will give everone a peek at what I contend with on a regular basis. We will laugh at him, with him, near him, and some of you will be overwhelmed with empathy for me.  But only occasionally, because overall, he's a pretty neat guy.


Batman Says...."This is a Pigsty."


Do you see what I'm up against, ladies?

Stay tuned for more "Batman Says." And oh yes, feel free to leave comments.  He's looking forward to reading them.  ;-)