Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Honor of Comic Con: Batman Says

In the early part of our relationship, my new beau was trying desperately to hide the geek side of himself from me.  I was already clued in the first time we got together.  I suggested a game of darts at a nearby pub and he admitted he carried his very own dart set in the car.

I agreed with him when he acknowledged it was a pretty geeky thing to do.

Then came his favorite show at the time, a popular sci-fi show on cable.  I wasn't familiar with it.  Perhaps as he began to describe it to me, my eyes glazed over, or perhaps he feared his enthusiasm for this show, along with the dart thing, might propel him so far into dorkdom I might cut my losses while the cutting was good.  Either way, he felt the need to justify himself, the show, or both. 

He began to shift in his seat.

He cleared his throat.


"Well," he stammered.

And then he said it.

The greatest Batman quote to date.

"It's not really Sci-fi...

It's a drama... in space."

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