Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank Goodness for the Escape Hatch!

Out of the clear blue, Gabriel asked, "How are kittens born?"

I smiled and told him pretty much the way babies are born.

He frowned and worriedly asked, "So they have to have their tummies cut open?".

I sighed to myself before answering. Despite all of my preparation and determination to experience natural childbirth, my children were both delivered by completely unavoidable cesarean deliveries. I thought I had done an excellent job of explaining that while sometimes things don't go as planned and a mommy has to have an operation where the doctor can get the baby out, most mommies are able to push and push their babies out.  Their bodies are designed to do this.

I smiled at Gabriel. I reassured him that mommy cats can push their babies out just like human mommies.

"Out their bottom?"

I explained (again) that just like there is a way for pee to come out, grown up ladies have a way for babies to come out. You know, in the same general area.  I reminded him that's the usual way, but he and his brother took the "side door".

"Or sometimes, I tell people you took the emergency escape hatch."

"Oh good," Gabriel says, looking relieved. "Because that is not the first thing I wanted to see."

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